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Audrey Pronovost

My story



School and job market

I did my DEC (Diploma of Collegial Studies) at the CEGEP de Trois-Rivières (Quebec, Canada) in Interior Design (2007 to 2010) by chance, simply because my mother thought I’d be good at it. I quickly fell in love with the profession and have been working in the field ever since (thanks Mom!).

As soon as I entered the job market in 2008, I got hired as a decorator and then as a designer. I now have over 14 years of experience as an interior designer and a kitchen designer.

Versatile and inquisitive, I complement my experience in the field with custom-made furniture estimating and even cabinetry management software programming.

Over the years, I’ve worked in high-end cabinet shops, for a building contractor, and a design firm.


Wind of change

My design career was at its peak, with a job at the 2nd largest construction company in Quebec. The design projects were inspiring, complete with modern, high-end homes in a new residential neighbourhood. My bosses and customers were very happy and satisfied with my services. Organizational and financial changes led to a mass layoff of 100 jobs, including mine, at this large company at the end of 2018. This left me without a job and lacking the motivation to start looking for a new employer again.



It was during this period of change that I made the biggest decision of my life: to leave everything behind and go abroad. In January 2019, I left the country with a one-way ticket only. My trip lasted 14 months. It took me to Indonesia, Australia, and Asia, and allowed me to re-focus on my core values. It was a turning point that made me realize that my need to discover the world and to be a nomad was greater than anything else. I now understood that my next job would have to offer me this uncommon freedom.

This trip also gave me the opportunity to see design and architecture from all over the world. Admiring the creativity of all these designers was a great source of inspiration for me. Even today, it gives me innovative ideas and solutions that I continually incorporate into my work.


Digital nomad

In early 2021, I remembered that a designer I’d known in the past used to work with freelancers who produced plans for her. Here’s an idea that would make working remotely a very accessible option, I thought. After giving it a great deal of thought and exploring the market, I took the decision to try my luck in the little-known world of freelance interior design.


The year 2021 was therefore the start of another adventure, a professional one this time. It gave me the chance to fulfil another great dream of mine: of being self-employed in the field I’m passionate about, while satisfying my desire to discover the world through teleworking.

My personality

I have a strong need to be continually challenged, to achieve new goals, and to be proactive. I face situations with confidence, courage, and leadership. I show initiative and efficiency when I address problems.

Whatever the situation, I need consistency in my actions. I like to take the time needed to make decisions that will promote harmony in my relationships.

I know how to take calculated risks, because I’m always on the lookout for the right answers to problems, relying on my exhaustive analysis of data, facts, and figures.

In my way of seeing things, every problem has its solution. I’m open to changes and new ideas if they are consistent. My mind and work methods are highly structured, because I’m rigourous and a perfectionist. My quality standards are high.

So…go ahead, challenge me!

Professional side

Professional skills

  • Personality: great sense of initiative and organization, positive, dynamic, with a strong analytical mind
  • Characteristics: very reliable, loves to create continuous improvement tools, likes to make to-do lists, hard-working, always does more than requested, ability to learn very quickly
  • Proficiency: AutoCAD 2020, Sketchup Pro 2021, photo-realistic rendering software, Revit (good knowledge), Microsoft Office suite (including Excel)
  • Speak, read and write: French (mother tongue), English (bilingual), Spanish (beginner)


Work experience


Interior designer (2021-…)

Mission: Design 2D and 3D plans for other interior design professionals and for a cabinetmaker. Specialize in residential and integrated furniture.


Groupe Dallaire – Québec

Interior designer (2018)

Mission: Interior design for high-end new homes

Major achievements:

  • Completion of a design concept for a home valued at over $1 million
  • Implementation of visual documents representing the standards for each typical house model


Groupe Dallaire, cuisines et mobiliers intégrés – Québec

Estimator  (2016-2018)

Mission: Estimate cabinetry projects (residential and commercial)

Major accomplishments:

  • Implementation and programming of a complete new estimating software (Cienapps)
  • Project management for Groupe Dallaire’s two Expo Habitat 2018 booths


Richard et Levesque, cuisines et salles de bain – St-Augustin-De-Desmaures

Interior designer, kitchen designer (2014-2016)

Mission: Design and sale of custom kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture

Major achievements:

  • Designed a kitchen that became one of the three finalists for the prestigious Nobilis awards
  • Responsible for the implementation of the cabinetmaking management software (Cienapps)


Benjamin Moore – Centre de peinture Leclair, Shawinigan and Grand-Mère

Decorator (2008-2010 & 2013)

Mission : Advise customers on decorating and floor coverings

Major accomplishments:

  • Advised customers on their choice of paint and coverings for their entire new home
  • Invoiced recommended products using Acomba software



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